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yilishen Ant force best chinese sex pills yilishen for male enhancement

Yilishen Ant force capsules’ raw materials are the rare herbs which is extracted from prickly ant which is special Chinese product,its assistant materials are several rare Chinese medicinal herbs. In addition, high technology and modern processing are applied. Yilishen Capsule is good in taste and rich in nutrition.?


Black prickly ant to whip, deer, angelica, yam, medlar, liquorice, watts treasure, lily, barrenwort extract etc.?

Yilishen Ant force chinese sex pills?is a functional nutritious sex health-care product. It can consolidate the constitution, reinforce the primordial qi, treat the ed symptoms and take quick effect. Taking it is beneficial to strengthen kidney power and eliminating tiredness.
Yilishen can maintain interior’s natural equilibrium, replenish yang and kidney, nourish yin and warm yang as well as promoting super session of the old by the new, improving resistant capacity, restoring strenuous brainworkers’ and manual labor’s strength and brain, eliminating tiredness and improving life quality. It has unique effect on replenishing kidney and improving kidney’s functions.


YiLiShen Ant force pills used for people with impotence,?premature ejaculation, short penis, low sexual ability, prostate and other sexual dysfunction.?


8 capsules per box

Usage and Dosage:

30 minutes before sexual activity, 1 capsule per time.


pregnant women, and people under age are forbidden to use.

China?yilishen Ant force herbal sex capsule?herbal sex pills?yilishen Ant force most effective male enhancement product strengthen kidney power?


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