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The best Fruta Bio capsules are simply made up of all natural extracts and ingredients that make you look healthy and happy. It is a quick and great solution to weight loss whether it was put-on normally or even after pregnancy. It helps regain your original and smart physique. The natural components are free from any side effects.

Fruta bio weight loss capsules are made up of out daily routine food and fruit extracts. The common components of Fruta bio have always been part of Chinese diet as well but now they are all compiled in simple one capsule. There is no need to feel shy or embarrass if you are failing to loose weight even after exercises, Fruta bio capsules are now available for you.

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Ingredients: The few basis ingredients are:

Fruit Lemon (natural antioxidant and toxic cleanser from body)

Pectin (anti diarrheal product and stimulates lipoprotein levels)

Balsam Pear (natural metabolism regulator)

Spirulina powder (vitamin enriched and essential fatty acids)

Radish (contains ascorbic acid, folic acid and pottasium)


People who have obesity problems, who cant reduce the weight after activities and exercise, women who put on weight after pregnancy and men with bulky body.

Key Functions of Fruta bio Weight loss capsules:

  • Fight simply with obesity
  • Reduce up to 10-20 lbs in one month.
  • Reduce your appetite to help shrink your stomach and get back its original shape and size,
  • Converts fat into natural energy and boost metabolism.
  • Cleanse hazardous fats from face, arms, hips, buttocs and excrete it out of body
  • Also helps in enhancing physical structure and body appearance.
  • Don’t make you depressed and sleepy.
  • 100% natural extracts from fruits and plants
  • For both Women and Men.

Specification: Pack contents: 400mg/30 Pills

Suggested Dosage: One capsule/day, after meal with water or better before breakfast.

No Side Effects: No instances of side effects and any disorder reported yet. However every medicine may cause some side effects depending upon the body and physical conditions.

Precaution:For patients with heart disease, myocardial impaction malfunction or liver of kidney, pregnant women or any serious illness and disease, do consult doctor before its use. Do not take it twice within 24hours. Keep away from children.


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