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What is Levitra?

Levitra is the medicine that was born next to Viagra as an ED treatment. Manufacture and sales is a pharmaceutical company called Bayer Pharmaceutical with its head office in Germany famous for the development of aspirin.

It is characterized by an orange circular outline, but the contents are white medicine.

About the origin of Levitra ‘s name. Levitra is “LEVITRA” in English, which means “le” and “vitra” meanings. The meaning of “male definite article” in French, “vitra” meaning life after latin, or “male life” is put in it.

Next on the meaning of Levitra ‘s mark. Like the image above, Levitra’s brochure and drug box have a flame mark. There are also many who do not know this meaning? this is a match flame, such as “to ignite immediately if rubbed”, that is, “quickly effective” “take effect immediately”. It seems that the meaning is included.

Active ingredient of Levitra

Levitra contains vardenafil as an active ingredient. “Levitra 20 mg” means that it contains vardenafil hydrochloride hydrate 23.705 mg as active ingredient 20 mg as vardenafil.

This vardenafil hydrochloride hydrate is a white to slightly yellowish crystalline powder and has a slightly soluble property in ethanol (99.5) or water. This water soluble property is unique to Levitra not found in Viagra and Cialis. Therefore, the time to reach the maximum blood concentration is also 0.7 – 0.9 hours (42 minutes – 54 minutes), the earliest among 3 drugs of ED.

Levitra’s effects and efficacy

Erection occurs when NO (nitric oxide) is released by receiving sexual stimulation / excitement, and substances that extend blood vessels such as cGMP (cyclic guanosine-phosphate) in the local cells increase. And the released cGMP is destroyed by enzymes called PDE 5 (phosphodiesterase type 5), whereby blood vessels of the corpus cavernosum contract and the erection subsides.

Levitra has an effect of suppression (suppression) of PDE 5 that breaks cGMP necessary for sustaining erection, so it has the effect of erection assistance.

The point is that Levitra is not a medicine to erect if you take it. After being sexually stimulated and sexually excited, it is a medicine that will assist you when you erect. As explained above, please understand that you first need to increase your own cGMP by sexual stimulation.

There is also no aphrodisiac effect such as sexual arousal action or libido enhancing effect.

There are people who often heard that “Levitra is not affected by meals?” That is wrong. The influence of meals is received. There is data that there is no influence if certain meal contents, but please remember that there is restriction on meal.

The data provided by Bayer Pharmaceutical says “It is not affected by standard diet”, but as a caveat of “standard diet” there is only “the proportion of total energy fat is within 30%”.

This is very difficult to understand, so I will explain it in a bit more detail. First of all, “standard meal” means nutritionally 700 kcal, still fat is within 30%. Since 30% of 700 kcal is 210 kcal, nutritionally 1 g of lipid is 9 kcal, if 210 kcal is calculated with lipid, it is 23.3 g, therefore if it is less than 700 kcal and the lipid is 23.3 g or less, it can be interpreted as not affected by meal I will.

Caution to take Levitra

Levitra tablets should be taken one hour before sexual activity.

If you are hungry, it will be effective in 20 minutes.

10 mg will work for about 4 to 5 hours after drinking. Levitra 20 mg works for 8 to 10 hours.

Take 1 time a day, please keep the dosing interval to 24 hours or more.

Please note that some people can not prescribe.

For details → Who can not prescribe Levitra

It can not be prescribed also to those taking nitrate, HIV therapeutic, antifungal, antiarrhythmic drugs.

For details → Levitra combination contraindication drug

Since it is not medicine acting on the brain, there is no sexual arousal action or libido enhancing action. Therefore, if you drink, it will not get soon, so if you do not receive sexual stimulation it will not erect.

It is often said that Levitra is not affected by meals, but that is a mistake.

It is certain that it is less susceptible to diet than Viagra because of its earlier absorption by the body than Viagra, but it is definitely influenced by diet simply because it is hard to accept. So please be aware of those who think that “If you take Levitra you can get enough effects even if you eat.”

We recommend that you take on an empty stomach as much as possible 20 to 30 minutes before meals .

If you take Levitra at the same time as meals or immediately after meals, it will often delay the onset of the effect or halve the effect, in the worst case it is not effective at all, so please be careful.

When you take Levitra you do not have to be water, you can drink with other drinks. However, it is necessary to use caution with alcohol in combination. Taking Levitra and liquor with weak sake may cause alcohol to spin at a stroke and collapse due to the vasodilatation effect of Levitra.

Also, if you drink too much because alcohol is strong, please be careful about drinking too much as Levitra’s effect is gone at all. If you have a good drink, you can relax with a mental stabilizing action in alcohol, so you may be able to draw out the effect of medicine. Especially for those who come from nervousness, it may be useful to take ED medication together with a small amount of liquor, so it may be useful to remember it.

“Those with hyperglycemia or cholesterol, diabetes or diabetes,” “those who are originally large in size,” “people with obesity,” “those who are suffering from hypertension or depression, depending on their therapeutic agents, There is a possibility that it is not effective much for Levitra 10 mg though “ED of drugs”. If you do not get a satisfactory effect, try Levitra 20 mg.


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