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Best pure Natural Magna-RX man sex pills wholesale(10 pills)



Magnum, charming and enchanting sex is a desire of every man but only those can achieve it who are physically and sexually fit. Magna-Rx man sex pills are manufactured for all those men whose penis got shrink, erection is improper and soft, early ejaculations and unsatisfactory sex needs and climax. If you want to get back in the sex Magna Rx is for you. At any age whether middle or old whenever a men feels that he has lost his actual potential, he should go for Magna-Rx. The manufacture calls it “Orgasmic Thrust Activation Process” as it intensifies the sexual satisfaction and makes your sex vigorous, energetic and invincible.

Magna-ex ingredients are specially designed to maintain and keep excellent blood flow in sexual organs and stimulate kidney function. Healthy sex need healthy mind free from anxiety, fatigue and active sexual organs in any age, so MAGNA-Rx is manufactured in this manner to enlarge penis erection, strengthening, potential and better climax and control. Just enjoy the sex at any age and keeps your penis and kidney active by using Magna Rx man sex pills.

Magna-Rx results have identified that most of the users have discovered better sense of sex feelings with sexual organs supremacy during sexual activity like penis strengthening, width, time interval etc.

SKU: Magna-RX

Magna-RXSalient Features:

  1. Stimulates kidney functions
  2. Restore ejaculation time
  3. Removes erectile dysfunction.
  4. Enlarges penis erection and potential.
  5. Remove penis shrinking and gets back its width.
  6. Provides orgasmic thrust.
  7. Safe for use for middle and old age men

Magna-Rx Ingredients: The core components are Saffron, Aweto, Pilose antler of young stags, Ginseng, Lonan fresh, Lily and etc.

Target Audience: Middle age and old male adults who have physical weakness with a kidney dysfunction, early ejaculation, penis shrinking and shortening, less sexual needs, etc.

Usage and Dosage: One pill 10 minutes before sexual intercourse. Don’t take it twice a day.

Specification: 10 pill per bottle.

Precaution:For patients with heart disease, myocardial impaction malfunction or liver of kidney, pregnant women or any serious illness and disease, do consult doctor before its use. Do not take it twice within 24hours. Keep away from children.


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