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Pink Fruta plant wholesale price
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Low laver Laver besides contain rich vitamin a, b1 and b2, the most important thing is that it contains rich cellulose and minerals, and can help a platoon walk along the trash inside the body of the accumulation of moisture, so thin leg effect.Second-ranking sesame sesame seed it “linseed oleic acid can remove enclosed within the blood vessels of cholesterol, make better metabolism, closed legs are more easily to lose weight.Low banana Although calories banana is very high, but low fat, and contain rich potassium, full belly and low fat, can decrease adipose build up in the lower body, is when the ideal food to lose weight.Apple apple contains particular malic acid, can accelerate metabolism, reduce body fat, and calcium content than other fruits rich, can reduce the salt content of the lower body edema.

1. Simplicity fatness, youth-hood fatness, post partum fatness. Those who have failed many times in reducing fat and easily get rebound.
2. Constipation, acne, facial splash.

[Functions & Characteristics]
Fruit Plant Weight Loss Capsules
1. Locally reduce fat; Mainly reduce fat in abdomen, buttocks and arms;
2. Really solve fat problems and remove the rebound thoroughly;
3. Remove body accumulated substance and beautify skin;
4. High concentration.

[Storage] place in a cool and dry place.
[Supervise] Guangzhou Fragrant Living Creature Technique Development Limited Company (Attestation business enterprise of GMP)
[Manufacturer] Hainan Resurgence Natural Healthy Food Co., Ltd
[Grant the Text Number] The takes the meal of the word of (1999) No. 0162
[Performance Standard] YX1999-22


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