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p style=”text-align: justify;”>Product Name: USA Fruit Plant capsule

The Fruit Slimming Capsule is extracted from green plants such as various fruits and natural spirulina in low temperature under the CO2 supercritical extraction technology and the Especial technology as an outcome of years of research.It can quickly decompose human fat,accelerate the metabolism of stubborn fat and inhibit postprandial fat absorption. With the absorption of grease by plant fibers. it can choose to expel fat from the intestinal canal and blood to consume boby heat, thereby reducing the size of fat cells and conteol rebound from the day when you use it! It is a new generation of green and wholesome slimming product.

specifications: 300mgx6 tabletsx5, one capsule a day brings you healthy beauty.

Main Ingredients: Strawberrry,cherry,grape,apple kiwi fruit Garcinia cambogia,morange,aloe,natural sprirulina,ploanthocyanidins etc.

Funcitional Compostion and Containing 251mg flavonoids and smarttags” 7.2g dietary fiber per 100g of the capsule

Health-care effects: fat-reducing and detoxing


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