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Yi Pao Dao Tian Liang capsules,top-rated male penis enlargement pills online wholesale,cheap price, high quality,free shipping.

Yi Pao Dao Tian Liang best male penis enlargement products introduction :

Yipaodaotianliang capsules currently is the most popular and latest male healthcare product in the market.

Compared with VIAGRA ed pills , yi pao dao tian liang has the advantages of less adverse effects, quicker effects and long duration of its potency,it is able to activate the growth factor of adrenal PDA dilute and replenish semen. thus bringing multiple injections and multiple climaxes.

Yi pao dao tian liang can also generate and replenish semen quickly after the intercourse thus avoiding fatigue and damage to kidney resulted from lack of semen,its potency lasts as long as 120hours.

Yi Pao Dao Tian Liang capsule Main ingredients:

Saffron ,deer whip, cow testicle,sea horse,yak testicles, Polygonatum, Cynomorium, turtle shell, angelica, hippocampus and so on.

Yipaodaotianliang penis enlargement Suitable Crowd:

Premature ejaculation , little sperm ,weak sperm. sexual function obstacle, the sexual desire down,penis short and small, weak Kidney causes various symptoms

Yi Pao Dao Tian Liang male sex Capsule Usage:

take one capsule 10-15minutes before sex intercourse with warm water.

Note to taking yi pao dao tian liang male penis enlargement capsule:

If erection or sexual intercourses long erection not ejaculate out , drink the cool water .

can’t repetition in 24 hours

Yi Pao Dao Tian Liang capsule male penis enlargement Specification: 2000mg *5 Grains

Yi Pao Dao Tian Liang capsule male penis enlargement Storage:

Store below 25 degree ,protected from moisture ,Keep it out of reach of children.

Yi Pao Dao Tian Liang capsule male penis enlargement products expiry: 3 years


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