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Product Description
Chili, let a person can’t refuse the reason: to burn fat, cultivate one’s body!

Chili is the key to burn fat capsaicin, only eat one or two spoon, it stimulate taste will immediately issue “enough” to the brain signals that cause loss of appetite.And capsaicin role is another big stimulus body heat generating system, speed up metabolism.Rapid heating system can improve work efficiency, the body like a fast running machine can consume a large amount of hydrocarbon fuels.

After eating a meal spicy, can consume more than 25% of calories.When hot in stomach burning, drink a cup of black tea is rich in caffeine, effect is more obvious.Pepper also can promote the production of two kinds of enzymes in the body, in the process of burning fat they can uninstall “persuaded” fat cells, while preventing excessive fat accumulation.This method reducing weight without any dietary rules of the company, because capsaicin stimulates the production of endorphins and serotonin, at the same time also can let you have a good mood.

The chracristic of the capsaicin:
1. magic function of promoting blood flow, and prventing the aggradation of the fattiness
2. Burns the fat and speeds up the metastasis
3. large quantities of gene in decomposing fat accelerate clearing up the fattiness in deep layer
Activating the excretion of hormone and Recuperating the illness fattiness which is caused by endocrine dyscrasia.
4. stimulates the intestinal tract and accelerates the excretion the fat in food.
5. Adds vitamins and minerals to the human body, Nourishing the skin

The main ingredient:
Extraction of fresh pepper, konjac, Lotus
Leaf, tuckahoe, and papaya

The effectiveness and content: Total flavonoids≥ 100g per

The effective: Weight loss, face beauty

Appropriate to the crowd: Simple obesity, Stubborn obesity, weight loss

Specification: 300mg * 6 tablets * 5 board

Taking Methods: One time per day, one pill one time, taken in the morning alone or with food

Shelft life: 24 months

Storage method: Aireproof, store at shade and dry place.

Matters required attentions: This product can not be insead of medicament. It’s forbidden for children, pregnant women or lactation


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