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1, burn excess fat, containing the active ingredient, can stimulate the body fat metabolism, the abdomen, waist, arm, hips, a lot of white fat cells into brown generate heat storage, so as to accelerate the decomposition of fat burning, and achieve the goal of fast weight loss.
2, inhibit fat absorption: the fairy leaves Konjac after oral enter human body can inhibit the activity of lipase, block the intestinal absorption of fat in food, and other effective ingredients of Konjac food fat with a strong affinity, in combination with fat, not easy absorption of complex formation, out of the body.
3, control of energy intake: Konjac enter human body after divided into three kinds of natural substances, these substances can dissolve in the body heat, and stop the heat formed in human body fat, changed the course of human body absorb heat.In the process of weight loss at the same time, the one who is, won’t hungry.

(2) reduce weight really thin four features:
1, fast weight loss: 10 days can reduce 5-10 jins.
2, symbols, WHO put forward five principles: not to lose weight not anorexia, no diarrhea, no fatigue, no dehydration, no rebound.
3, targeted weight loss: to eliminate waist, abdomen, thigh and hip fat effect is particularly evident.


For those patient with serious heart disease, thyroid, prenant women and under 16-year-old are inapplicability. Slow effect if the person who is bibulous or interest in the thickest tea.

Usage ang dosage:Take once a day half an hour before breakfast.

Ingredients: Crategus pinnatifida, safflower, gingko-nut, cassia seed and alga (luoxuanzao in Chinese), Konjacflour.

Period of validity: 24 months

Specifications: 250 mg capsules *10 capsules

Price:The more the cheaper!

Storage: stored in a cool, dry place, keep out of reach of children.


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