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Packaging & DeliveryPackaging Detail: 15g x 12 bags +1Specifications Water soluble pearl powder and multiple essential vitamins needed by human body.Whiten skin and slimming at the same time.Leisure 18 magic slimming orange juice chosen the Mexico orange, water-soluble pearl powder, dietary fiber, fructo-oligose, renieratene and many kinds of vitamins as raw material, using the latest modern biotechnology techniques to produce this product.This product is intended for 1. Obese people who wants to lose extra fats, by burning excessive body fat 2. Promote and expedite fat metabolism 3. Remove the toxins from the body 4. Regulating the endocrine system.Particularly with the added water soluble pearl powder and enzyme hydrolysis technology. Our body can not digest and absorption the keratin pearls right away. It need to be transformed into the pearls of amino acids and peptocides, so that it can easily be absorbed by human body. Meanwhile, supplementing a variety of collagen protein and amino acid in our body, can increase your luster and whiten the skin. Eliminating the side effects of other slimming product.More about LEISURE 18 SLIMMING ORANGE JUICE:LEISURE 18 SLIMMING ORANGE JUICEnot a coffee addict? nor a milkshake fanatic?…if you are a juice lover.. here’s what you’re looking for…LEISURE 18 SLIMMING ORANGE JUICE..same slimming effect, specially design for non coffee drinker and non milk drinkers…please call 09153472994Leisure 18 Slimming Orange Juice (15g X 13 sachets/box)Leisure 18 Slimming Orange Juice contains Mexico Orange Fiber Extracts, which has a water-soluble pearl powder, dietary fiber, fructo-oligose, renieratene, many kinds of vitamins which is extracted through modern biotechnology techniques. It helps obese people to lose extra fat, burn excessive body fat, promote and expedite fat metabolism, remove toxins from the body and regulate the endocrine system. With the added water-soluble pearl powder and enzyme hydrolysis technology, the body will be able to absorb keratin pearls which will be transformed into the pearls of amino acids and peptides which will help reduce body fat. It also contains collagen protein and amino acid which are necessary for body, increasing your luster and beauty.SPECIAL INGREDIENTS:Water Soluble Pearl Powder- contains calcium and micronutrients which clears away heat resulting to detoxification and losing body fatQercetin-it helps spleen of the stomach to reduce low-density lipoprotein cholesterol, break down and decompose body fatBENEFITS1. Reduces fat while strengthening the immunity.2. Contains dietary fiber.3. Contains LISSOME medical granule which aids in defecation and prevent constipation4. Contains Mexico Orange Fiber Extracts, konjak fiber and soy bean fiber which also aids in restoration of regular defecation and prevent constipation5. Aids in discharging and decomposing food retention toxin which is usually hidden in the intestinal folds which results to cleaner intestines.


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